Mobile apps are our business and passion

Koovalda Studios is a mobile app developer and publisher company with more than tens successful products. We are a team of developers, designers, product and marketing specialists with a mission to create the best apps for people all over the globe.





We’re mobile app’s geeks


  1. 40+ mln installs

  2. 180+ countries

  3. 20+ localizations

  4. 5+ app categories

    incl. business, utilities, photo and video, entertainment, games and other.

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Just a couple of years took us to grow from a small startup into a large company.

Only because of our experience and perseverance during this time we managed to reach:

- 40+ million users around the world

- Various app’s categories - business, utilities, photo and video, entertainment, lifestyle and games

- TOP ranks in 180+ countries

It’s all thanks to our incredible team

- Designers create cool products copied by competitors

- Senior developers release high qualified apps

- Marketing team promote them to users around the world

- Product managers effect on the final success



It'll be hard, believe us. We like to complete difficult tasks and to set ambitious goals. And it’s definitely the most interesting, isn’t it?

Our values

- Focus on results

- Open mindedness

- Passion

- Mutual respect

Why is it cool to work with us?

  1. • Highly competitive salary

    • Opportunity for growth

    • Comfortable working place

    • We’re young and ambitious

    • We have sense of humor

    • Love having good time

    • But more we adore what we do

Are you a geek?

Tired of boring projects? Welcome to Koovalda studios! We deal with the best!